Stray Dog Transforms into Town’s Newspaper Delivery Boy

Stray Dog Transforms into Town’s Newspaper Delivery Boy

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Meet Morgan, the charming canine from Florida who has turned newspaper deliveries into heartwarming acts of kindness! This spirited dog’s journey from being a highway stray to a beloved neighborhood helper is bound to bring a smile to your face.

Morgan’s transformation began when a caring individual found him alone on a highway and brought him to a shelter. Fast forward to today, and Morgan is leading a joyful life alongside his new owners, Brian and Jennifer Kettledon. Curious about his background, the Kettledons had Morgan’s DNA analyzed, revealing his Australian Cattle Dog heritage and a strong inclination for staying active.

Morgan’s penchant for doing a good job became evident when Mrs. Kettledon trained him to bring their morning newspaper inside their home in Mystic, Connecticut. However, the heartwarming twist in the story came during their walks when Morgan observed Mrs. Kettledon assisting an elderly woman with her newspaper. Without any prompting, Morgan picked up the woman’s paper and joyfully delivered it to her front door the next day.

“He’s happiest when he’s doing a job,” Mrs. Kettledon shared. “He loves to train and he loves to learn a new trick.” Morgan’s enthusiasm has not only brightened his owners’ lives but also created a sense of community in their neighborhood. Morgan’s charming routine of picking up neighbors’ newspapers and delivering them to their doors has made him a furry favorite.

Neighbors like Bette Collins have found joy in Morgan’s unexpected newspaper deliveries, considering it a delightful way to start the day. Others who weren’t subscribers before are now inspired to become newspaper readers, all thanks to the cheerful and diligent efforts of this remarkable dog.

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