Saint Bernard Runs Next Door To Visit 95-Year-Old Neighbor Every Chance He Gets

Saint Bernard Runs Next Door To Visit 95-Year-Old Neighbor Every Chance He Gets

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From the very moment Brody the affectionate Saint Bernard stepped foot into his new home, a heartwarming connection bloomed between him and his 93-year-old neighbor, Sally. Their friendship sparked instantly, and Brody’s devotion to Sally is truly heart-melting. In an incredible display of loyalty and love, Brody often makes the journey to Sally’s house not once, not twice, but up to four times a day!

Their remarkable bond started on Brody’s first day in his new home when he couldn’t resist venturing over to Sally’s place. This adorable escapade has since become a delightful routine for the duo. Despite Sally’s lack of dog treats, Brody is more than content to enjoy some stale bread during his visits. From putting his paws up on Sally’s window to catch her attention to cozying up on the couch while watching TV or exploring her splendid garden, Brody cherishes every moment spent with his cherished friend.

Their story took a poignant turn when Sally had a heart attack and had to move into a senior living facility. Brody’s resilience shone through as he continued his visits, waiting by the window with unwavering hope. Determined not to let distance dampen their connection, Brody’s family ensured he got to visit Sally regularly. Their remarkable friendship serves as a heartening reminder of the unbreakable bonds that can form between humans and their furry companions.

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