Rare ‘Mermaid’ Puppy with Six Legs Rescued in Wales

Rare ‘Mermaid’ Puppy with Six Legs Rescued in Wales

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In a heartwarming rescue story, an 11-week-old spaniel puppy with six legs, affectionately named Ariel, was found abandoned in a Pembrokeshire, Wales car park on September 27. This unique pup’s extraordinary condition left both rescuers and locals astounded.

After being discovered, Ariel was brought to a local veterinary practice, which later connected her with Greenacres Rescue Service. The rescue service arranged for her to stay with a foster family to aid in her recovery. While Ariel’s unusual appearance piqued curiosity, her condition is an exceptionally rare occurrence. Mikey, a spokesperson for Greenacres Rescue, shared, “We have no idea why she would be born with a defect. Never seen this before.”

Cases of dogs born with additional limbs can result from genetic mutations or complications during embryonic development, such as the incomplete merging of twin embryos. Ariel’s extra legs, located on her pelvis, will be carefully removed by veterinarians once she’s strong enough to undergo surgery. Mikey noted, “There is a possibility she may lose one of her own legs due to the structure of the additional limbs and pelvis, but time will tell.” The rescue center has been actively sharing Ariel’s journey on their Facebook page, garnering support and donations for her treatment. As Ariel continues her recovery, the dedicated team remains committed to ensuring she enjoys the best possible life.

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