Pregnant Dog Was Locked In Backyard And Left Behind When Family Moved Away

Pregnant Dog Was Locked In Backyard And Left Behind When Family Moved Away

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In a heartwarming turn of events, Java the Boxer’s tale of resilience and hope took a joyful twist. Found in a state of distress and neglect by a compassionate property owner, Java was pregnant and battling starvation, dehydration, and illness. The previous occupants of the rental property did not assist, leaving Java’s fate hanging in the balance.

When Java sought refuge at a rescue center, she faced yet another obstacle: the shelter was already full. Thankfully, fate intervened in the form of Karen from “Lost Pet Found Pet,” who orchestrated a late-night rescue mission. Java found solace and care at Nob Hill Animal Clinic, where she felt safe enough to welcome her nine adorable puppies into the world.

Java’s journey toward recovery didn’t end there. She battled infections, parasites, and neglect-related ailments, all while nurturing her growing litter. With the support of “Florida Boxer Rescue,” Java and her puppies were nurtured back to health. Despite her past struggles, Java’s unwavering love and resilience shone through as she saw each of her puppies off to loving homes. Today, Java and her babies bask in the warmth of a caring family, embodying the spirit of second chances and the boundless love between a dog and her pups.

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