Petco Announces Clean Grooming Initiative

Petco Announces Clean Grooming Initiative

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Exciting news for all dog moms and pet lovers! Petco has just unveiled its groundbreaking Clean Grooming Initiative, marking a remarkable milestone as the first national pet retailer to introduce designated Clean* products. This major announcement means that pet owners across the United States can now access Clean* grooming services and products in a whopping 1,350 stores.

The ingredients badge makes it easy for customers to identify these safer choices. Even Petco’s grooming salon menu will be revamped with these newly badged products, underscoring the company’s commitment to offering only the best for pets and their parents.

Petco’s Clean Grooming Initiative is a testament to its dedication to pet health and wellness. With mounting research revealing the potential hazards of certain chemicals in pet products, it’s a reassuring step forward for the safety of our beloved companions. As Jason Heffelfinger, Petco’s Chief Services Officer, aptly puts it, “Whether at home or in one of our grooming salons, we want to make it easy for pet parents to give their pets the same high-quality options and ingredients they would choose for themselves. After all, our pets are members of the family.”

In celebration of this groundbreaking initiative, Petco is offering a generous discount on all Clean Grooming products when purchased online. So gear up to provide your furry pals with the ultimate pampering experience, all while ensuring their safety and well-being.

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