One-Eared Dog’s ‘Starry Night’ Fetches $10k Bid

One-Eared Dog’s ‘Starry Night’ Fetches $10k Bid

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Remember Van Gogh, the charming Boxer-Pitbull mix with an artistic flair and a heartwarming story? Well, he’s back and ready to capture our hearts once again! After a brief hiatus, this talented pup is creating stunning works of art to celebrate his eighth birthday and the 170th birthday of the iconic human artist, Van Gogh. What’s even more remarkable is that his paintings are making a big impact, with one of his pieces receiving a jaw-dropping bid of $10,000 from the PEDIGREE brand, making it one of the most expensive dog-created artworks ever!

Van Gogh, the canine artist, found his forever home with Jessica Starowitz, a volunteer at Happily Furever After Rescue. His viral painting video led to a hundred commissioned artworks, with all proceeds going towards the rescue that gave him a second chance at life. Now, he’s back in action, creating masterpieces while enjoying peanut butter treats. Happily, Furever After Rescue is hosting an online silent art auction featuring ten of Van Gogh’s most iconic reimagined paintings, complete with his paw print signature. The auction began on his birthday, March 3rd, and will run until March 30th, the human Van Gogh’s birthday, with all proceeds directly benefiting the rescue organization.

Van Gogh’s artistic journey is not only heartwarming but also a testament to the incredible bond between dogs and their humans. His remarkable creations are not only a celebration of his talents but also a reminder of the positive impact that animals can have on our lives. Happy eighth birthday to this remarkable canine artist, and kudos to him and Happily Furever After Rescue for making a difference in the lives of animals in need!

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