Mom Spots Dog’s “Wonky Face” On Facebook & Drives 1,250 Miles To Bring Him Home

Mom Spots Dog’s “Wonky Face” On Facebook & Drives 1,250 Miles To Bring Him Home

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In a heartwarming tale that resonates with all dog lovers, Sherry Lankston from Seattle, Washington experienced that magical moment of instant connection when she saw Harvey, a uniquely grinning Husky, up for adoption at the San Diego Department of Animal Services. Despite not actively looking for another dog, Sherry’s heart told her that Harvey was meant to be part of their family. Drawn to his lopsided smile and one-of-a-kind charm, Sherry embarked on a remarkable 1,250-mile journey with her two sons and their dog, River, to meet Harvey.

The first meeting between Harvey and the Lankston family was a dream come true. Sherry’s initial intuition was confirmed as Harvey’s infectious happiness and distinctive grin melted their hearts. Harvey, a shelter favorite, had faced challenges in his early life, rescued from the desert along with two other Huskies. His endearing crooked snout, possibly caused by a puppyhood incident, only added to his unique charm. Determined to bring Harvey home, Sherry collaborated with Joy Ottinger from the San Diego Department of Animal Services to make the adoption a reality.

Rather than a conventional journey, Sherry decided to turn the adoption into an unforgettable road trip adventure. Over three days of travel, the Lankston family and River bonded with Harvey, stopping to camp and enjoying the journey. Arriving in Seattle, Joy witnessed the heartwarming meeting, confirming that it was indeed love at first sight. As Harvey embraces the rainy Washington weather, Sherry hopes their heartwarming journey will inspire others to consider adopting dogs with unique qualities, as they might just find their perfect lifelong companions in unexpected places.

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