Milo, the Butterfly-Bonded Retriever

Milo, the Butterfly-Bonded Retriever

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Meet Milo, the adorable 2-year-old Nova Scotia duck-tolling retriever, who has taken the internet by storm with his incredible friendship with butterflies! Milo’s owner, Jennifer Bennet, started a vibrant garden filled with fruits, vegetables, and flowers, which naturally attracted a flurry of butterflies. Little did she know that Milo would become their favorite visitor and create a heartwarming bond with these essential ecosystem members.

As Bennet raised monarch butterflies to help her garden thrive, Milo was right by her side, curious and gentle as ever. Fascinated by the fluttering insects, Milo quickly became a butterfly magnet, drawing them in with his kind and patient demeanor. 

Milo’s friendly nature even attracted migrating butterflies to the garden, creating a breathtaking sight of colorful painted lady butterflies swirling around the plants.

Milo’s delightful adventures in the garden, checking on his butterfly friends and frolicking with them, have captured the hearts of people worldwide.

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