Kids Set Up Lemonade Stand to Aid Injured Dog’s Recovery

Kids Set Up Lemonade Stand to Aid Injured Dog’s Recovery

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In the heart of Orlando, a heartwarming tale unfolds, centered around Stevie, a beloved Golden Retriever, and the compassionate children of her neighborhood. Their story begins with sorrow but transforms into an inspiring display of unity and love.

Stevie, cherished by the Serrano family, holds a special place in their hearts. Marisol Serrano, Stevie’s owner, speaks fondly of her dog’s intelligence and intuition, emphasizing how Stevie senses and comforts family members during tough times. However, tragedy struck in mid-September when Stevie was involved in a hit-and-run accident with a motorcyclist. Left with a damaged lung and broken ribs, Stevie’s life hung in the balance. After a grueling six days in the ICU and a successful surgery, Stevie embarked on her path to recovery.

Amidst this ordeal, the neighborhood children, who adored Stevie, took it upon themselves to make a difference. Led by young Jules, they organized a modern-day lemonade stand complete with a QR code for digital donations. They showcased photos of Stevie in her favorite bandannas, pulling at the heartstrings of potential donors. Their efforts bore fruit when they handed an envelope containing $403 to Marisol, an emotional moment that left her in tears of gratitude.

Stevie’s journey to recovery continues with a regimen of medications, and each day brings signs of improvement. Her story is a testament to the power of community, especially the unwavering support of the neighborhood’s young heroes who rallied together for their beloved canine friend.

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