Feisty Rescue Frenchie Beats Cancer and Becomes Pupfluencer for Charity

Feisty Rescue Frenchie Beats Cancer and Becomes Pupfluencer for Charity

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Meet Bethanee Hamilton, the spirited French Bulldog whose journey from hardship to happiness inspires dog lovers everywhere. Found abandoned on the side of the road near Portland, Oregon six and a half years ago, Beth faced a rocky start as she’s lovingly known. After a near-death experience during spay surgery, she was taken in by the Pacific Northwest Bulldog Rescue, determined to find her the loving home she deserved. However, her challenges weren’t over yet, as a routine veterinary visit unveiled a cancerous mast cell on her back leg, necessitating its amputation.

Enter Lindsay Van Bramer, a Portland-based graphic designer and owner of Wine Tourist magazine, who stumbled upon Beth’s story on Facebook. Despite not intending to adopt a dog, Lindsay fell head over heels for Beth and welcomed her into her home. Now officially known as Bethanee Hamilton, a nod to the resilient surfer who triumphed over adversity, this French Bulldog’s life took a positive turn. Beth’s recovery journey was shared on Instagram under the handle @pardonthyfrench, capturing hearts and even grabbing the attention of the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation, which propelled her to internet fame. With over 228,000 followers on Instagram and 213,900 on TikTok, Beth’s joyful antics bring a much-needed dose of happiness to her fans.

However, Beth and Lindsay’s story isn’t just about viral fame – they’re using their platform to make a difference. Beth’s adventurous spirit shines through her posts, showcasing her romping in the grass or cuddling on the couch. Yet, beyond the adorable content lies a commitment to philanthropy. Partnering with DoveLewis Emergency Animal Hospital, where Beth has received care, they raise funds for the hospital’s emergency care program to assist needy families. The duo also supports programs for children’s cancer and spreads joy to young patients in remission.

Bethanee Hamilton embodies resilience, love, and the power of a furry friend to brighten lives. Lindsay’s intentional efforts have turned Beth into an ambassador for positivity and kindness, while their shared journey reminds us all that every dog has a unique story worth celebrating.

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