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Ep. 35 – Marcella Ward Shares Her Experiences and Tips for Joining In Dog Sports

Ep. 35 – Marcella Ward Shares Her Experiences and Tips for Joining In Dog Sports

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Remy and Bomber, two incredibly clever canines, have captured the hearts of their community in an extraordinary display of intelligence and loyalty! In a series of events that had the entire town on edge, these adorable pups managed to outwit the local police officers and dispatchers, leaving everyone astounded.

It all started with a flurry of 911 calls within a mere 30-minute timeframe, leaving the emergency line abuzz. The dispatchers could hardly believe their ears when they heard what seemed to be a “ruff” on the line before each call disconnected abruptly. Worried for the safety of the residents, the police officers rushed to the scene, ready to investigate the mysterious situation.

Upon arrival, the officers were greeted by a chorus of barks coming from inside the home, making the situation even more puzzling. After contacting the homeowner and gaining access to the house through the garage, the officers embarked on a thorough search. What they discovered amazed them – Remy and Bomber were the masterminds behind these unintentional emergency calls!It turns out these brilliant pups had been inadvertently calling 911 through the phone’s emergency screen in their home office. Their playful curiosity had caused a wave of distress signals that had the entire town on edge. Luckily, no one was in harm’s way, and the dogs were simply seeking attention and some tail-wagging interaction!

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