Dumpster-Abandoned Rottweiler Susanna: Paralyzed but Rescued

Dumpster-Abandoned Rottweiler Susanna: Paralyzed but Rescued

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A paralyzed Rottweiler named Susanna has undergone a miraculous makeover, thanks to the unwavering dedication of her rescuers. Found lying weak and abandoned next to a dumpster, Susanna’s life took a dramatic turn when her rescuer decided to give her a second chance at happiness.

Upon discovery, Susanna was in a critical state, barely able to move her eyes due to dehydration and malnourishment. But her rescuers refused to give up on her.  The doctors determined that although she couldn’t walk, there were no major injuries to her spine or legs. Instead, her muscles had severely weakened from spending her life in a cramped crate, a cruel existence she had endured for far too long.

With a determination to see Susanna thrive, her rescuers embarked on a journey of rehabilitation and love. Through hydrotherapy and dedicated workout sessions, Susanna slowly but surely built up her muscle strength, taking her first wobbly steps towards recovery. Her progress was nothing short of remarkable, and as her confidence grew, so did her ability to walk on her own.

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