Dog Eats Groom’s Passport Before Destination Wedding in Italy

Dog Eats Groom’s Passport Before Destination Wedding in Italy

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A Doggone Passport Mishap Almost Derails Massachusetts Couple’s Dream Italian Wedding Lovebirds Donato Frattaroli and Magda Mazri from South Boston had a close call with their upcoming dream wedding in Italy when their mischievous golden retriever, Chickie, decided to make a meal out of Donato’s passport just over a week before their departure. The couple had already filled out their marriage forms at city hall and had a flight booked for their Italian wedding scheduled on August 31.

However, Chickie’s unexpected snack attack could have been a disaster. Donato described his initial panic, but thankfully, Magda kept her composure. With the help of their local representatives, U.S. Rep. Stephen Lynch and U.S. Sen. Ed Markey, they managed to expedite Donato’s passport replacement. Following a passport appointment, they are set to receive the new travel document just two days before their flight. The couple remains optimistic and emphasizes that the most important thing is to tie the knot in Italy. Donato has learned his lesson and plans to invest in a file cabinet or safe to safeguard important documents in the future. Love conquers all, even passport-eating pups!

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