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“Preservative-Free” Pet Food?

When shopping in online retailers, there are often a variety of terms that can be used as filters to help consumers select pet food. These include a few objective filters like food form (for example, dry or wet) or puppy/kitten (growing pets require a diet that meets their unique nutritional requirements). However, most of the filters are based on marketing buzzwords like “no corn”, “grain-free”, “high protein”, “molasses-free”, and many more. I’ve also come across many filters with even more vague and subjective criteria. When I selected filters like “calming”, “appetite stimulation”, “immune support”, “scientific formula”, and “holistic”, the range of products that were shown made little sense.

Iron Bioaccessibility and Speciation in Microalgae Used as a Dog Nutrition Supplement

In recent years, the microalga market has grown due to its interesting nutritional profile, characterised by high quality proteins, bioactive molecules, and essential trace elements. Therefore, it is of vital importance to study how different species of microalgae can be used in animal nutrition, assessing how they are digested and what percentage of valuable nutrients is really absorbed.

What Treats Can I Give my Dog with Calcium Oxalate Stones?

For any cat or dog with a history of calcium oxalate urinary stones, ensuring plenty of water intake and feeding a specially formulated and tested diet without any additional food items is the best way to reduce risk of future stones. These specially formulated diets have been tested as the only food source. This means that adding any food items, chews, supplements, etc. can change how the diet works and may not reduce risk of future stones. It’s best to give no treats, but as dietary prevention is life-long, that may not be desirable for all families. If treats are important or necessary, we have provided some options and strategies for dogs with a history of calcium oxalate stones.


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