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Tip #1

How to Train Your Dog to Accept Grooming

As a loving and caring pet owner, there’s a ton of things you adore about your dog. You love the way they greet you after a long day at work. You love the way your pooch helps get you excited about going for that morning walk. You love the way Fido always seems to know when you’re feeling bad and you probably like the way your pooch always seems to be a good listener, even when you babble on about topics he can’t possibly understand.

Tip #2

Get to Know Your Dog’s Coat Type

“Understanding what your dog’s coat needs is very helpful. For example, Shih Tzus are known for their long, flowing coats. Sometimes the stronger shampoos that are used to get Shih Tzus clean can dry their skin, so they typically need a conditioner after a bath to put the moisture back in. Keep in mind, it’s essential to use shampoo products that are made for dogs and not people because of the differences in pH balance.” –Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu breeder and fancier

“Bloodhounds have an all-weather coat. They secrete sebum that naturally waterproofs their coats, so water doesn’t penetrate the hair, and they can shake it off. When washing your dog you do not want to remove the natural oils. Use a gentle shampoo on a routine basis. I also use a conditioner or a crème rinse. Before bath time, I brush out the dog’s coat to get the dead hair out. I prefer a rubber brush with individual bristles.” –Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert


Tip #3

Never Skimp On Dental Hygiene

“It’s crucial for large dogs to get used to being handled right at the beginning. You should be able to lift their lip to massage their gums and clean their teeth. For massaging their gums, you can use a finger brush or a toothbrush with soft, rubber bristles. Always make sure you brush the gum line, too. Dogs can get all of the dental issues humans do — except they cannot brush their teeth after a meal.” –Susan Hamil, Bloodhound Expert

“In addition to brushing, I give my dogs a chew that is a hardened cheese to help keep their teeth clean. I like them because they’re easy for the little dogs to hold between their paws. They don’t make a big mess or leave residue on their coat. I’ve also recently been turned on to dried duck feet. My dogs only get them twice a week. They love them, and for some reason, their teeth are spotless.” –Michelle Jones, Shih Tzu Expert

Lindsey Dicken Groom Team USA’s Top Ten Stylists

Lindsey Dicken is a National Certified Master Groomer. She has been grooming for 8 years, and has been grooming competitively for 6 of those. Prior to becoming a pet stylist, Lindsey was active in preparing and exhibiting saddle and draft horses.



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