Deaf Woman Adopts A Deaf Dog And They Form The Sweetest Bond

Deaf Woman Adopts A Deaf Dog And They Form The Sweetest Bond

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In a heart-melting encounter, Karlie’s life changed forever when she met Rhett, a special therapy dog who is also deaf. The moment they looked into each other’s eyes, a deep connection was established, and they knew they were destined to be family. Karlie’s dream of having a therapy dog of her own came true in 2018 when she met Rhett in South Texas. As soon as the kennel door opened, Rhett embraced Karlie with kisses, and their beautiful friendship began.

Teaching Rhett sign language was a breeze for Karlie, and this amazing dog now knows over 30 signs. From “walk” to “baby,” Rhett quickly learned to communicate with his mom through signs. When Karlie got pregnant, she taught Rhett new words to prepare him for the arrival of their little bundle of joy. Rhett proved to be an incredible big brother, caring for his little sister and responding to her cries with the help of vibrations sent through an iPhone application.

To ease Rhett’s separation anxiety when Karlie went to work, the couple decided to give Rhett a sister, and they adopted Maggie May. The addition of Maggie May brought immense joy to Rhett’s life, and the two dogs became inseparable playmates. Together, they complete Karlie’s small family, bringing happiness and love to each moment they spend together.

His incredible bond with Karlie and the positive impact he brings to their family is a shining example of the unconditional love our furry companions bring into our lives.

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