Couple Rescues Neglected Dog Found on Florida Highway

Couple Rescues Neglected Dog Found on Florida Highway

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While driving along a highway near Oviedo, Florida, a couple’s journey took an unexpected turn when they spotted a dog in dire need. The pup, named Lucky, was wandering dangerously close to traffic, his severely matted fur obscuring his vision and restricting his movement. The couple quickly pulled over, realizing that Lucky needed immediate help.

Lucky’s appearance shocked them – his once lustrous coat had turned into a tangled mess, a painful situation that left him vulnerable and struggling. His neglected state suggested he had been abandoned and left to fend for himself for a significant portion of his life.

Unable to leave him in distress, the couple decided to take Lucky into their vehicle. However, they couldn’t care for him overnight, so they turned to social media for help. Their plea was answered by Kari Falla, a groomer with BGE Grooming.

Recognizing the severity of Lucky’s condition, Kari didn’t hesitate to lend a hand. She opened her grooming salon at 3 a.m., ready to assist the dog in need. Lucky was in a dire state – his fur was so tangled that it hindered blood flow and caused bruising. Kari worked tirelessly until 4 a.m., shaving Lucky’s matted fur, uncovering the shocking extent of his suffering. Despite the terrible smell and his inability to walk properly, Kari remained determined to help Lucky. She aptly named him Lucky while they awaited his vet appointment. The veterinarian’s examination held yet another surprise. Lucky was not only blind and deaf but had also endured a life of neglect and hardship. The caring couple’s timely intervention likely saved Lucky from a tragic fate on the roadside.

Following veterinary care, which included neutering, vaccinations, and dental cleaning, Lucky embarked on a new journey – finding himself a forever home. Inspired by Lucky’s story of resilience and the community’s support, Zachary Blair stepped in to provide Lucky with the loving home he deserved. Lucky’s transformation from a neglected and abandoned dog to a cherished companion is a testament to the power of compassion and community.

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