Compassionate Care: Rover Sitter Builds Wheelchair for Special Needs Pup

Compassionate Care: Rover Sitter Builds Wheelchair for Special Needs Pup

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Meet Cody, a resilient 3-year-old Maltipoo, whose remarkable journey has been made even more heartwarming by the creativity and compassion of his caregivers. Marc and Jayne Wong, the dedicated minds behind Marc & Jayne’s Bed & Biscuit, a renowned pet boarding and doggy daycare service operated through Rover, have not only provided Cody with a safe haven but also devised an ingenious solution to address his mobility challenges.

Cody’s story is unique. Diagnosed with severe mobility issues due to a suspected degenerative disease known as cerebellar abiotrophy, which affects the brain’s muscular control center, he faced an uphill battle in performing even basic activities. Walking, standing, and managing bathroom breaks were daily struggles for this special pup, compounded by seizures requiring medication.

Recognizing Cody’s distinct needs, Marc and Jayne were ready to extend their unwavering care. “When Cody arrived for the meet and greet, we noticed that he didn’t have use of his hind legs and only had moderate use of his front legs,” Marc shared. What truly sets this story apart is Marc’s stroke of genius. With a background as a Naval Architect and Marine Engineer, he tapped into his problem-solving skills to design a custom wheelchair for Cody. Inspired by his own mechanical expertise, Marc’s initial intention was to create a comfortable cradle to assist Cody during bathroom breaks. However, the engineer within him saw the potential for more.

In a matter of days, Marc transformed the makeshift cradle into a fully functional wheelchair. His innovative design, combining wheels, bracing, and supports, provided Cody with newfound mobility and independence. The heartwarming journey of Cody’s transformation was documented in a series of videos, showcasing his progress and the unwavering dedication of his caregivers.

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