Clever Dog Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer

Clever Dog Detects Owner’s Breast Cancer

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In a heartwarming tale of love and companionship, a mother from Nottingham, England, credits her beloved dog, Luna, as her “little lifesaver” for detecting her breast cancer. Trisha Allison, a 50-year-old mother of two, was relaxing on the couch when Luna, her affectionate 2-year-old Greyhound mix, surprised her with unusual behaviour. Luna jumped on her and pawed at her right breast, which caught Allison’s attention immediately.

The persistent dog continued to sniff and nudge her chest, a behaviour Luna had never displayed before. Trusting her furry friend’s intuition, Allison paid attention to the signs and noticed pain in her right breast. She wasted no time and booked an appointment to get it checked. Two weeks later, the biopsy results confirmed her fears: she had breast cancer.

Thanks to Luna’s quick detection and early intervention, Allison’s cancer was caught in its early stages. She underwent two successful operations at Nottingham City Hospital to remove the lump. Allison’s heartfelt message on Facebook serves as a reminder for everyone to be vigilant about their health and cherish the amazing bond we share with our dogs. 

Luna’s actions serve as a powerful reminder to all dog moms and dads to listen to their pets and appreciate the unspoken connections they share.

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