Chihuahua From Florida Becomes World’s Shortest Dog

Chihuahua From Florida Becomes World’s Shortest Dog

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Florida’s tiniest sensation, Pearl the Chihuahua, is making big waves in the dog world by officially claiming the title of the World’s Shortest Dog on April 10. This petite pup, a mere two years old, stands tall at just 9.14 cm (3.59 inches) according to the Guinness World Record measurements. To put things in perspective, she’s shorter than a popsicle stick, and her incredible feat is even more astonishing considering that Bisbee’s record-breaking tongue is longer than her entire height!

Pearl’s compact length of 12.7 cm (5.0 inches), equivalent to the size of a dollar bill, showcases her unique stature. Interestingly, this remarkable Chihuahua shares a family connection with the late record holder, Miracle Milly, who measured 9.65 cm (3.8 inches). Pearl is the daughter of one of Milly’s identical sisters, making her achievement even more extraordinary.

Vanesa Semler, the proud owner of Pearl and former caretaker of Miracle Milly, expressed her joy at this remarkable feat. She shared her gratitude for the opportunity to break their own record and share Pearl’s incredible story with the world. Pearl’s journey to the title included careful measurements taken by veterinarian Dr. Giovanni Vergel at Crystal Creek Animal Hospital in Orlando, Florida. While Pearl may be small in stature, her vibrant personality shines through – she’s a bit of a diva who adores dressing up, relishes chicken and salmon, and is undoubtedly a giant in spirit! Pearl’s enchanting achievement was officially announced on the Guinness World Records Italian TV show, “Lo Show dei Record,” adding a new dimension to her star-studded journey.

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