Blind Dog Leads Airbnb Guest on Beach Adventure

Blind Dog Leads Airbnb Guest on Beach Adventure

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Hannah Brown and her family had the vacation of a lifetime when they discovered their accommodations were hosted by none other than Soldier, the doting deaf and blind dog! Staying at Sail Away Cottages on the Turks and Caicos Islands, the family was in for a treat as Soldier was the perfect guide, leading them straight to the beach for a memorable getaway.

Despite his hearing and vision loss, Soldier’s island adventures have been nothing short of extraordinary. From exploring the Caribbean sun to becoming a local expert around Providenciales, this pot cake pup won hearts as he settled into his forever home at Sail Away Cottages in 2011.

Although Soldier’s beloved dog sibling, Skipper, crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this year, his spirit lives on as he continues to make daily pilgrimages to the beach. Now accompanied by guests staying at Sail Away Cottages, Soldier shares his love for the ocean and the sand, guarding their belongings as they bask in the island’s beauty.

The incredible bond between the Soldier and the guests has become the highlight of every vacation, as the sweet pup’s charming personality shines through. With each new group of visitors, Soldier delights in leading them to the waves, making cherished memories for people worldwide. In Turks and Caicos, the sun isn’t the only thing that shines brightly; soldiers’ heartwarming adventures light up the lives of dog moms and travellers alike!

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