Anxious Dachshund Moves From the City to the Coast, ‘Finally Becomes Himself’

Anxious Dachshund Moves From the City to the Coast, ‘Finally Becomes Himself’

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Meet Harris, the Wirehaired Dachshund with a zest for life that’s as boundless as his coastal playground. Living in bustling Edinburgh, Scotland, Harris found city life a bit overwhelming. His emotional and anxious nature clashed with the city’s hustle and bustle, leading his parents to take an extraordinary step. They packed up their life and moved the family to the serene coast, where Harris now revels in the tranquility of beachside strolls.

At 11 years old, Harris shares his adventures with his big brother Bracken, another Wirehaired Dachshund who initially wasn’t thrilled about the new pup in town. Yet, over time, their bond grew stronger, demonstrating that family ties can overcome initial differences. Harris’s journey from city stress to coastal bliss began with his dedicated parents. Faced with Harris’ anxiety, they sought professional advice, turning to behaviorists and veterinarians. A year of intentional exposure to various stimuli helped Harris confront his fears. He learned to focus on his mom amid the hustle and bustle of city life.

Their efforts bore fruit when Harris returned to the park that had once been a source of anxiety. This time, Harris faced it with newfound courage, a testament to his remarkable transformation. Finally, the family made a life-changing move to the coast, granting Harris the solace and space he needed to thrive. Now, Harris and Bracken embark on carefree coastal explorations, embracing their surroundings with wagging tails and endless curiosity. Their adventures not only warm hearts but also remind us of the importance of understanding, compassion, and adapting to our furry companions’ needs.

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