89-Year-Old Maisie Green Has Knitted 450 Blankets For Homeless Dogs

89-Year-Old Maisie Green Has Knitted 450 Blankets For Homeless Dogs

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Dogs truly hold a special place in our hearts as our faithful companions, offering endless loyalty and affection. While cat lovers may argue, there’s something uniquely heartwarming about a dog’s willingness to cuddle on a chilly day. The warmth of their presence and their love for cuddles is unmatched. Unfortunately, many dogs in shelters miss out on this comfort due to overcrowding and limited resources. However, one remarkable woman is changing the lives of over 450 shelter dogs through her heartfelt donations of knitted blankets and coats.


Meet 89-year-old Maisie Green from the UK, whose passions include knitting and dogs. When the Dogs Trust, a British animal welfare charity, introduced their Hope Project Christmas Hampers on Facebook, asking for knitted coats for rescue dogs to brave the winter, Green knew she had a calling. She wholeheartedly embraced this mission and began knitting cozy blankets and coats for shelter dogs. Her dedication is truly inspiring; she can craft a blanket in three days and a dog coat in just one. For the past three years, Green has been donating her lovingly handcrafted items to Dogs Trust, providing warmth and comfort to countless furry friends.


Seeing the heartwarming photos of these shelter dogs wrapped in Green’s knitted creations, you can’t help but smile. These blankets and coats not only shield them from the cold but also remind them that kindness exists in this world. Maisie Green’s compassionate efforts remind us that age knows no bounds when it comes to making a difference. Her story echoes the sentiment that both young and old can contribute to the well-being of our beloved animal companions, spreading love and care one stitch at a time.

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